Product Integration: (assembling everything to a complete product) We are committed  to provide our customers with a complete product . Therefore we are able to integrate the differ

PCB- Assembly: (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) Our manufacturing production lines  accommodate high and low volumes. With our SMD and thru-hole assembly lines, we complete our assemblies

  Cable Harnesses: (Also known as wire harnesses, cable assembly, wire assembly  or wire looms) Understanding the importance of transmitting information, power or signals, ap

Potting (electronics: (For shock absorbance and exclusion of moisture) The electronic industry requires  potting  that is  specifically designed for  this industry. 

Burn-in Testing: (Testing product for long period of time) Our facility allows us to burn-in and test high and low volumes of products over a long period of time, to identify any potential defe

Program and testing: Customers may supply us with the software and/or test jig, in order to execute any programming and testing that might be required.   We are equipped with standard tools and equipment  to provide standard an

Rework and Repair: (Refinishing operation or repair of an electronic) Our repair stations (testing bays), have been set up with all the required equipment, tools and software to fault find and
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