Electrical and Electronic Enclosure: (Metal housing) Custom made enclosures , manufactured according to customer  specifications and product requirements. Drawin

  CNC  Sheet Metal Punching & Bending: (Computer Numerically Controlled  Sheet Metal Punching) Our CNC sheet metal punching machinery provide us with endless possibilities. W

  CNC Plasma Cutting: (Cutting through electrically conductive materials) Our CNC Plasma cutting gives  us the edge  to cut unique shapes and sizes, to create

  Routing Non Ferrous Metals: (Creating an opening or slot with an end mill) Cutting non ferrous metals with more accuracy and details  to a very specific 

Welding: (Fusing two metal parts together ) Different methods of welding is currently available. Tig: Finer welding method on thin sheet metal. CO²: More robust welding on thicker m

  Laser Engraving: (To mark an object) Laser engraving allows you to customise your products with alphabetical and numerical characters  uniquely to you. Logo

      Enclosure Drawing / Design: Our in-house designers makes use of diverse drawing software.  This provides our designers to offer a larger range of&nb
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